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こんにちは! My name is Lolita and I am an escort providing Daddy – Babygirl experience (because I look like really young). If you're interested in booking me, please click on my About page. ♡

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Time to say goodbye! :(

Dear clients,

Per 14th of February 2014 (yes, the Valentine’s Day), I will officially become a member of Agency Atlantic, a high class escort agency, under the name "Alice". Shortly speaking, during my venture with the agency, I will no longer work as “Lolita” and I’m not quite exactly sure if I will still be able to continue working independently anymore.

The main reason why I decided to join Agency Atlantic is simply because my study had made it impossible for me to manage my own business. Agency Atlantic has given me a major assistance by managing my online advertising and booking arrangements. It is with much sadness that I can’t continue my Little Lolita adventure anymore, but I am very excited to work with Sarah from Agency Atlantic. She’s a real friendly, easy going, yet professional woman who will help you to schedule your appointment with me. She will handle your booking needs to the best while I will handle you from the other end. Haha. I have a great time engaging with her both personally and professionally, I’m pretty sure you will too!  

These are the major changes that will occur from my affiliation with Agency Atlantic:

Per Valentine’s Day 2014, booking will be handled by my manager, Sarah. She can be reached through:

Phone: +61 406 621 001
Booking page:

Please note that there will be changes in list of services and rate. Further information, kindly check my Alice booking page above.

Me as Alice will no longer focuses on the kind of schoolgirl as I will offer a more high class escort service. Sexier lingeries and heels, and lady like personality to accompany you in our enchanting soirée. Sure, the bubbly and fun side will always be there. But maybe less on the kiddy-like and more to the young sexy nymph who knows how to satisfy gentlemen, like you.

I am also going to open a new blog under Alice and pretty much will discontinue blogging from There will be new pictures, more new content, sex and escort tips, and more! The site will be launched on February 14th 2014 and I can’t wait to show it to you!

Please note that all bookings for Lolita is still open before 14th of February 2014. Please contact me at for booking, or check my details at for more info.

Lolita’s Week Off

Dear Clients,

Due to crazy slots of works this January, I’m taking a week off til Wednesday next week (22nd Jan 2014). I’ve been having slight fever recently because I overworked, excessive drinking (it’s a part of the work), and I didn’t have enough rest.  

Please note that all bookings made in prior will still be confirmed. Which means, I keep my promises.

For clients who are interested to book after Wednesday, 22nd Jan 2014, do not hesitate to message me. I will put your name in my future time slots and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

Hopefully after my week off I won’t have my period soon lol.

With love,


Anonymous: Wow! So much effort and time into this site--it looks great! Glad to see you made a smooth transition into the new city! - Jesse

Awwww thank you, sweetie!

For Sell: Schoolgirl Panties


I was laying on my bed yesterday and suddenly this idea popped up in my mind. Omg, I should probably sell my used panties to clients! I know you will be happy to keep the scent of your Little Lolita at your home. Right? Yummmm!  

I’m going to test start for 2 weeks and if it goes well, I will open more orders. However, there’s still a possibility for me to stop selling used panties if this doesn’t work out with my schedule. 

If you’re interested to buy my panties please read the terms below:

Product Details


 Price: SGD $50/panties (payment by cash)
 Minimum order is 2 panties/order 
Size: Either XS or S. Depending on the available design.


 The panties sold will be worn (by me!) at least 10 hours and sealed in a plastic bag to preserve the fresh scent. I will also masturbate using the sold panties to keep my juice oozing for you.

 Appointments for panties pick up and payment is on Sunday at 12 pm - 1pm every week. I will announce different meeting points in private details. And no, I won’t come to your house nor your area to drop off the panties unless you are interested to book me as well.

 Due to high standard of quality, I will only be able to deliver max 10 panties in a week. (I’ll be wearing them at least 10 hours, remember?) If I can’t deliver yours this week, I will deliver it next week. Schedule will be updated frequently to you.
 Only available for Singapore area. Sorry!  

 Bonus: Upskirt photos of me wearing the panties that you ordered will be sent to you via email once you make the payment   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are the panties brand new?

I will buy all my panties brand new from Cotton On or H&M before I get my juice on. Let me know what kind of panties you want, and which colour, and I’ll see what the stores have for your request. It’s best if you have a picture of the preferred design.

2. Will you give me the pictures first before you ship it to me?

No, but I will give you my upskirt picture once you make the payment. Which is after the panties are delivered.

3. How do I order?

Let me know what kind of panties you want via email at or direct text message/Whatsapp at +65 84 nine o 42 seven 1. It’s best if you can send me a picture of it. I will respond as soon as I can once I checked whether the stores have your preferred design or not. I will also update on my schedule. If the following Sunday is full, I’ll reschedule our meeting to the week after.

4. Will I be able to cancel my order?

Yes you can. Let me know at least 1 day before I buy the panties.

5. What will happen to the panties if I didn’t show up and make a payment?

I will put an offer on my site. If anyone is interested, I will redo the process. However, if anyone interested on me wearing the same panties without getting washed off first before buying me, that sounds good to me as well. Mmm.  

6. Will there be any discount if I book you as well?

Yes! It’s going to cost you $40/panties. No minimum amount of panties required. Order as many as you want and I’ll make them wet for you. Let me know if you’re interested in keeping my panties after our session! Be it the available panties or preorder panties. Isn’t it nice to have my fresh wet panties right after a nice fuck? 

There you have it! Let me know if you’re keen to order some schoolgirl panties.

Love, Lolita.

Open for January 2014 Booking


Clients who are interested in meeting me on January 2014, feel free to message me directly at my email at Give me at least 2 days notice to allow me to arrange my schedule. Starting this year, I have a regular client every weekend so if you’re interested in meeting me on the weekend, I may be able to shift my schedule for you.

Sudden notice may also be possible depends on my schedule. If I don’t have any bookings at the time slot that you choose, I will accept your booking. However, do not push me to change my schedule for you or be rude about it. As I said in my “About” page, feel free to contact other girls if sudden timing doesn’t work in my case.

I hope I can see you this month! Happy 2014! image 

Anonymous: Hi Lolita,I sent you an email 2 days back but have not received a reply. Does it mean you are not keen to meet?

Oh no! It’s not that, I was on holiday overseas and I barely had internet.

Will reply to all requests this afternoon including you! January is going to be a busy month, hopefully I can fulfill everyone’s requests.

Anonymous: Hello Lolita.. when will you visit jakarta? will you be available by then? and what will be your rate? thank you and look forward to hear from you..

I’m sorry but I can’t promise you since I won’t be back anytime soon.

Oh and about rate, I’m so tired of answering the same question again and again. Can’t you just search it yourself on this site? From now on, questions about rate will not be answered unless I have new updates about it.

Anonymous: hi Lolita, i would be very interested in a FFM dress-up session (granting you two wishes at once hihi), do you know a girl you like who could join us? I'm travellin to SG for business end Feb so hope we can meet ^-^

Sounds like a great idea!

Too bad I don’t have a friend to play with. Suggest me another girl and I’ll see what I can do. Preferably not too big or overweight. I’m sorry but I just can’t.

Christmas and New Years Wish

Hi Clients!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year! 

Wish you all blessed with happiness and prosperity. I hope you’re enjoying the big fat food and wine this year (because I enjoyed mine hihi.)  

I have a few announcement to make, but I will put this on the next posts instead because I realise the font in my website is too small for clients to read long post. Hihihihihi I’m sorry but unless I can get my hands on a better cute website template, I can’t do anything about it right now.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about my New Years Wish! It’s 2014, I’m hoping to get more new type of sessions and exciting experiences and hopefully 2014 brings more luck for me. Amen to that!

I wish I get more clients who love dress up play.
 Why? Because I love dress up! I also love gifts, and shopping with them (even though sometimes we buy dresses just to tear them up haha). Selecting the dresses and mix and match is always the fun part. I hope there will be more for me on 2014.  

I wish I get more MFF threesome sessions.
 Why? I love to play with girls! It’s always turns me on when I’m able to fondle them and make them cum for me. Yes, bitches. Mmmm. Although I would not complain with MMF sessions because I haven’t had that in a while as well. Two cocks, love it.  

 I wish I get more couple threesome for incest fantasy
Why? It’s always my fantasy to be used by mom and dad, and to have them teach me how to suck daddy’s cock while mom slowly fingers me. I can think of all the dirtiest things to say to my parents. Whoever books me for this will literally makes my dream come true.  

That’s it for my New Years Wish! I hope someone will be generous enough to grant me one of those wishes.  

Regarding my schedule, I will be unavailable during the New Years til 6th of January so if you’re interested in booking me (or granting my wishes) let me know if we can meet up after Jan 6th instead.

Once again, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you all! x

Anonymous: Hi, I was just wondering how come you say no indians for bdsm?

Sometimes, good people who are finally exposed to the pleasure that have been deprived from them throughout their entire life, cannot cope with that kind of sexual release that it became too unacceptable for me (as the object of release itself). In real life they are decent and kind people. But I feel that their perspective on kinkiness is something that most of the time I can’t or refuse to accommodate. (In my past posts I had explained some of the requests